Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why Vacations Are Good For Your Health

Vacations are a time to escape and take a break from the norm, but there are many more important reasons for taking a vacation than just enjoying some time away. Believe it or not, vacations can actually improve your health and your quality of life. Here are some ways you can benefit by taking some time off:

1. Vacations Can Help You Live Longer

 Spending time with family can improve relationships with your spouse, children, and other family members. Why is this important? Not only will you be happier by feeling more connected with your loved ones, but studies have shown that people who have satisfying relationships have fewer health problems and live longer than those who have unhappy relationships. Ward off dementia and early death by taking a vacation with the ones you love.

 2. Vacations Can Reduce Stress

 When people are overly stressed they often become irritable, but stress is a factor in many far worse conditions. Reducing stress is often one of doctors’ first recommendations for many ailments, particularly high blood pressure, headaches, depression and anxiety. When you take a relaxing vacation, your body has time to recuperate from the daily stress of work, schedules, and other demands on your time. Setting aside some time to read a book by a lake or go camping in the woods can help you step away from stress and allow you to recharge your batteries.

 3. Vacations Can Prevent Depression

 Not only can an abundance of stress lead to depression, but so can continuing in the same routine for an extended amount of time. Work, school, housework, and other daily activities can be wonderful parts of life, but stick to the same routine for too long without a break, and things can start to seem mundane. Taking a vacation and doing something you love can break up your routine and give you a new appreciation for life. Vacations are the time to smile and breathe, and to gain perspective and set goals for what you want to accomplish in life. Having those types of goals can help you keep depression away.

 4. Vacations Can Help You Weigh Less

 There are two major factors that contribute to the obesity crisis: eating more and exercising less. By turning these two things around you can help keep extra weight at bay, but how can a vacation help you do that? When you go on vacation, the vending machine or refrigerator doesn’t go with you. You are forced out of your food rut. Likewise, the television and video games usually stay behind, prompting you to fill your time with other activities. You might even realize how much more time you have once these things are gone, and continue the habit when you’re home!